Aaron Walker


Episode 56: Look at the Company You Keep, with Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is a businessman and life coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective of the terrain by examining his experiences and growing from them.

In this episode, Aaron and Stacy discuss personal development. There are many ways for you to make the most out of your life and your business, and Aaron is an expert on this topic.

Some highlights include:

“I know all about what it’s like to be poor.” At minute 2:00, Aaron talks about growing up poor, deciding to take life by the horns, and the success he’s had because of it.

What is success? At minute 12:00, Aaron breaks down what success means to him and how his definition has changed over his career.

“If you want to make a real lasting impression, call them when you don’t need anything.” At minute 16:00, Aaron talks about how to live a life of significance.

Happiness is a choice. At minute 23:00, Aaron talks about choosing to be content in every situation he’s in.

“Without the customers, we’re nothing.” At minute 29:00, Aaron talks about his very dedicated business plan and why having a plan is so important.

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