Amanda Bayerle


Episode 91: Your Healthiness Increases Your Productivity, with Amanda Bayerle

Amanda Bayerle is a health coach for busy entrepreneurs, the host of the How Bad Do I Want It Podcast and creator of Everyday Fit Entrepreneur.

She has been helping men and women transform their health and fitness over the last 4 years and have been featured in Oxygen and

Her podcast hit #7 in all of New and Noteworthy and #1 in New and Noteworthy for business. It inspires others to make their dreams a reality. She works with startup and top level entrepreneurs to get fit fast, boost their energy and confidence and gain mental clarity.

In this episode, Amanda and Stacy discuss the importance that health plays in running a strong business.

Some highlights include:

At minute 2:00, Amanda talks about the entrepreneurial journey she and her husband went on to get to where they are today.

“I love checking in on people.” At minute 6:00, Amanda talks about why she loves the communication part of her business.

Is this really going to produce money in your business? At minute 9:00, Amanda talks about a financial mistake that she and her husband made that forced them into debt and lost them their entire team.

Make sure you drink enough water. At minute 15:00, Amanda gives some great tips for staying healthy.

You are your business. At minute 23:00, Amanda talks about why you need to be self-aware to run a great business.

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