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Episode 94: You Don’t Need Employees to Delegate, with Amy Smalarz

Amy Smalarz is a woman, wife, mother, and daughter who for many years struggled with trying to live up to what she perceived as everyone else’s expectations of her and lost herself in the process. As an entrepreneur and business owner, she works and collaborates with people to help them realize they are not alone, to celebrate their road traveled (celebrate YOU for being YOU) and to map out their next destination in life (personal and professional).

Amy is a lifelong student. She has earned degrees in Biology and Sociology; a Masters in Healthcare Administration; and a PhD in Social Policy, Health Services Research and Health Economics.

In 2013, she founded Strategic Market Insight and in addition to being a Certified High Performance Coach, in 2016 she founded the Women’s Biz Accelerator. She works with people who are purpose-driven and helps them to integrate work and personal life into LIFE. Whether it’s through personal and professional coaching, strategic consulting, speaking engagements or workshops, Amy works with you or your team to learn more about yourself than you would ever expect.

In this episode, Amy and Stacy discuss the challenges of being an entrepreneur and some things that you need to know to stay on the right track.

Some highlights include:

Not everything is under your control. At minute 1:00, Amy talks about deciding to go out on her own after a major shakeup at her company.

What’s the difference between winning a race and winning in the long haul? At minute 5:00, Amy talks about the what it takes to make it over time.

You have life, and you balance what’s in front of you. At minute 12:00, Amy talks about why there’s life balance, not work-life balance.

It’s hard to keep yourself where you need to be going. At minute 19:00, Amy talks about her biggest challenge as an entrepreneur.

Be careful what you choose. At minute 21:00, Amy talks about utilizing every minute of your precious time.

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