The Book

If you’re struggling to make your numbers, drowning under a million unfinished plans, or stressing over every last detail, you may not know the answer to the question: Is Your Business Worth Saving?

The truth lies underneath all your fears, worries, and to-do lists. With help from entrepreneur and business coach Stacy Tuschl, you will uncover the next steps to taking your business from so-so to successful.

In Is Your Business Worth Saving? Stacy reveals critical questions and get-real evaluations to help you assess the health and viability of your business. She shares:


Strategic processes to determine your direction and what’s holding you back from getting there— including areas of self-sabotage, business blunders, financial habits, and image-killers.


Tips, disciplines, and practices to dig yourself out of a rut and charge to the top.

Along the way, Stacy guides you in assessing your own strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur so you get out of your own way and achieve your true potential. By calling on the best you have to offer, you’ll become an asset to your business and reach a new level of life balance and joy.

Full of front-line lessons learned and motivational tips, Is Your Business Worth Saving? is a 150-page change agent for entrepreneurs at any stage.

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