Brad Harker


Episode 69: Revisit Where Your Creativity Takes You, with Brad Harker

Brad Harker is a published author, speaker, performance coach, and host of the top-rated Influence podcast. His creativity and passion for problem solving has fueled a robust entrepreneurial background that includes the creation of several companies and more than a quarter-billion dollars in sales.

Brad’s published book, “The Laws of Influence – Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change” has been recognized by a number of outlets, including Forbes.

In this episode, Brad and Stacy discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and why it’s so important to create something of value.

Some highlights include:

“I went after so many things that were hollow.” At minute 1:00, Brad talks about making the mistakes of chasing money early in his career and the changes he made to become the happy, successful person he is today.

Don’t get so caught up in money. At minute 10:00, Brad talks about why he’s not a big fan of investing and why he would rather enjoy the fruits of his labor.

There are different stages of work-life balance. At minute 13:00, Brad talks about these stages and which one he’s currently in.

“My greatest vice in my life is my patience.” At minute 22:00, Brad talks about the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

It’s amazing how much clearer your decisions become in context of your audience. At minute 26:00, Brad talks about how to figure out how to create value in your business.

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