Business Spending vs. Saving


A couple of years into the startup of my performing arts business, I spent a sleepless night agonizing over cleaning supplies. I had spent thousands on everything from disinfectant to floor polish for my new dance studio. We needed the supplies. With hundreds of students traipsing in and out of the classrooms daily, we had…

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My 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes


Marketing can be tricky whether you’re starting a new business or growing an existing one. As the owner of a performing arts business, I’ve made some terrific marketing mistakes. Yet not a single one was a total loss because I learned five vital lessons from that have changed the way we strategize marketing. 1. Don’t…

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Is This Business Worth Saving?


The first time I asked myself, “Is this business worth saving?” I was a junior in college. I was sitting in a large class, working my way through a pro and con list about continuing with a business I’d already started. I was at a crossroads, a turning point. I had no idea at the…

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