Featured High Performer of the Month – December

December – Amanda J. Ward 

A little bit about Amanda…12311217_10100547696853229_6100396262808422952_n1

Amanda J. Ward, from Hardyville, VA, started her personal training career on the side of a full time job as a Director for a Kids Mental Health Program. She was great at what she did, administratively and inter-personally, but was left unfulfilled. She had always wanted to impart change in peoples lives on a more visceral, daily living level and she had experienced her own transformation through food and fitness, so she was inspired to help others do the same. She made the move and became a Beachbody coach which helped her revive the desire to coach people vs. provide “therapy” as my degree indicates. Her and her husband then began growing their personal brand via Awarding Life, LLC through blogging.

She loves coaching with Beachbody because it provides a great platform for meeting and reaching people at their level, but she is ready to take things further with a life coaching academy 90 day program for setting and crushing goals in the lifestyle wellness area.


Q: If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would tell yourself before you started your business?
A: Start now, don’t wait to learn, just DO it. Perfectionism is paralyzing.
Q: What has been your greatest business accomplishment to date? 
A: I achieved star-diamond status with my company, while establishing and sustaining a private-coaching caseload… this is an accomplishment because I never wanted one or the other…I want a BRAND that houses multiple streams of both service and income.
Q: Tell me your motto in life.
A: Pushups make you a better parent.
Q: What are 3 of your personal strengths that you use to help you in your business?
A: Tough Love/Honesty. High Integrity & Work Ethic. Efficiency & Initiative.
Q: List the biggest mistake you have made in your business and what you have learned from it? 
A: I get stuck in the details and have poor execution…I backpedal from the goal when it doesn’t workout quite as I’d hoped. I launched a membership last year….kept it going for awhile as a beta launch and then closed it down instead of tweaking it and evolving it. I learned that the people who love, subscribe and believe in you will do that anyways… as long as you deliver, they have no clue what your initial intent was. I get scared of the “over deliver”… enough is never enough for me.
Q: Strategy Session – I love giving real practical advice. What is one thing you would tell someone looking to Level Up? 
A: Write it down. I believe we get stuck in our heads (I know I do!)…but when your write things down, they get new life… either helping you clarify your goals, strategies, or by inspiring you further!
Q: Where should people go to learn more about you?
A: www.awardinglife.com … explore services for applications for a free consult, check out my free 7 day high fat meal plan for fat loss at www.awardinglife.com/hflc and follow me on Facebook: www.facebook/awardinglife; www.facebook.com/amanda.j.ward.3