Derek Deprey


Episode 102: Eat the Banana!, with Derek Deprey

Derek Deprey delved into the world of personal growth and development shortly after becoming a General Manager for the Wisconsin Athletic Club. He couldn’t get enough of what he was studying, learning and applying, so much so that he created his own business, Move Results, as an avenue to engage and impact others through motivational speaking and leadership skill-building facilitation. He feels that the best business to start is one that you need yourself. He just knew it was right because, still to this day, he goes to bed and wakes up every morning excited to pursue his business. It truly blends his day job and his dream job.

His diverse career endeavors also include Wisconsin Lutheran College and the John Maxwell Team. With the former, he’s an Adjunct Professor of Adult and Graduate Studies as well as an active member of the Alumni Board. With the latter, he partnered with the esteemed John Maxwell Team after years of being inspired by him. He personally uses his teachings to enhance my productivity, development and decision-making skills. Saying that he like to keep himself involved and professionally connected is an understatement.

In this episode, Derek and Stacy discuss what he has been able to do while running his own business at the same time as having a more traditional job.

Some highlights include:

Do you have to completely quit your 9-to-5 job to pursue your own business? At minute 1:00, Derek talks about how he’s been able to do both.

Plan the FEW. At minute 3:00, Derek talks about why it’s so important to have a plan when it comes to food, exercise, and water.

Find your foundation. At minute 8:00, Derek talks about why he doesn’t think work-life balance exists, but work-life fusion does.

Eat the banana! At minute 9:00, Derek talks about why he believes you should start out your day by doing something you love, not something you hate.

You can truly impact lives. At minute 16:00, Derek talks about what he loves about being an entrepreneur.

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