Emily Filloramo


Episode 72: You Must Do Your Inner Work, with Emily Filloramo

Emily Filloramo is the author of the book “How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be Extraordinary” and the Founder of Be More Extraordinary Academy. She talks about transforming yourself into the most extraordinary version possible. She is also a graduate of Cornell University.

In this episode, Emily and Stacy discuss working on yourself, working on your business, and how to balance the two.

Some highlights include:

“Stop looking for another job.” At minute 2:00, Emily talks about how her financial planner convinced her to become an entrepreneur.

Make sure your paid mentor is delivering value. At minute 7:00, Emily talks about why her mentor wasn’t delivering the value she needed.

Who do you love to serve? At minute 15:00, Emily talks about the marketing ideas that she had to learn when she became an entrepreneur.

“Because this is what I love doing, this isn’t work.” At minute 19:00, Emily talks about why work-life balance doesn’t exist and why it doesn’t have to.

“The challenge is cannot clone myself.” At minute 23:00, Emily talks about the challenges she faces when it comes to delegation.

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