Featured High Performer of the Month

November – Celeste Coffman  13923550_10100683498081579_341099690939730594_o

A little bit about Celeste…

Celeste Coffman is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice focusing on helping overwhelmed women regain calm in their lives. In addition, Celeste uses her decade of counseling research and experience to curate Quiet Mind Collective, a group coaching program to help men and women manage anxiety and stress.

Q:  If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would tell yourself before you started your business?
A:  Don’t believe the lie that you need everything all at once, and start small with a clear brand. I wish I had found the By Regina Epic Brand Identity Workbook (via Etsy) sooner; this helped me really find the message I wanted to convey to my audience and would’ve helped me save on things like business cards and my website. I also would have started smaller on things like a CRM, stationery, and promo items in favor of tools like Google Work apps or electronic record keeping systems. I also would have skipped all the online courses and seminars to focus on consuming a few quality (free) podcasts while making a clear plan of consistent implementation. That’s where Stacy has helped me!

Q:  What has been your greatest business accomplishment to date?
A:  Moving from a co-working space to my own private office was a huge accomplishment for me. I had to reach a milestone as far as client caseload first, so it took a lot of work to get there. Now I walk into my office every day thrilled to be there; in a co-working space I was always feeling a little cautious, sort of like I had to be quiet and super tidy all the time. It was like staying as a guest in someone else’s house, whereas now I feel right at home.

Q:  Tell me your motto in life.
A:  My motto is like the song from a very old Dublin’ Donuts commercial: “Doing things is what I like to do!” The commercial portrayed all of these people bounding out of bed in the early morning and enthusiastically getting to work. That’s exactly how I live. I can’t sit still in the mornings because I’m bursting with creativity, and I have a strong need to DO something with it. Sometimes I even sing the song out loud – to my husband’s chagrin.

Q:  What are 3 of your personal strengths that you use to help you in your business?
A:  1. Creativity. I know that if there’s a problem I can solve it by just taking some time to use my creative thinking process to find a solution. 2. Financial savvy. I’m a big-time saver, so I don’t spend money needlessly in my business, usually. 3. Communication skills. I can ask almost anyone for anything, I can write a great letter or email, and I could do a speaking engagement at the Super Bowl. My education at a liberal arts college made sure I could communicate confidently with the best of them.

Q:  List the biggest mistake you have made in your business and what you have learned from it?
A:  Buying a $1k ticket to a seminar about opening a business. I’d been in business for 3 years at that point but the event coordinator assured me I’d be “perfect” for the event. I met lots of cool people, but I was surrounded by others who didn’t even have a business idea yet. I walked away from the event with lots of enthusiasm, but then realized a few days later that I really hadn’t learned anything new that I couldn’t have gotten for free. I should’ve spent that money on private coaching instead.

Q:  Strategy Session – I love giving real practical advice. What is one thing you would tell someone looking to Level Up?
A:  Start with clear branding. You need to know what you represent as a business and as a person, so much so that you could even pick a color out of the rainbow to clearly mesh with your message! Secondly, draw out an organization chart even if you have no employees. Just pretend that you are going to hire an unlimited staff and then put them in their specific jobs. This helps you see where you can hire someone or buy a tool (like a practice management software package, in my case) as you grow. The chart helps you see where you’re actually losing money by not hiring help.

Q:  Where should people go to learn more about you.
A:  I’d love to have you check out my website, www.ThoughtfulJourneyCounseling.com and try out my free 5-Day Anxiety Relief Challenge. You can also learn about my coaching program for anxiety management at www.QuietMindCollective.com.