Get Focused Academy Live

Wednesday, April 27th – Thursday, April 28th 9am-4pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel
6401 South 13th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221

$97 price includes your guest  (Scroll down to Register Now!)

Content  During these two days, get ready for a transformation.  You are going to learn all the tips, tricks, and strategies I have studied and implemented to get the most out of my day.

You will gain clarity on…

  • Why you want to Get Focused
  • What to Get Focused on
  • Your 3 Master Goals for the year and figure out if you can accomplish them

I will teach you…

  • My project management system and how to create your own

  • How to delegate, hold someone accountable, and get things done

  • When multi-tasking is actually ok and should be done

  • Social media rules you need to follow

  • How to have effective meetings with your staff

At the Live event, we will create your…

  • Organizational chart
  • Job descriptions & job postings
  • Top 10 systems
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly Master Calendars
  • Canned email responses