Jodi Aman


Episode 32: Overcoming Anxiety to Achieve Success, with Jodi Aman

Jodi Aman is a lead-by-example teacher. Despite seeing the depths of hell when she was immobilized by panic and anxiety, she clawed her way back to life and taught herself to master happiness. She has been teaching and counseling people around the world for over 20 years, helping them find peace in their lives amid dealing with sadness, loss, anxiety, divorce and other life transitions.

As an author and inspirational speaker, she helps audiences make sense of their lives. She shows how to shift thinking, change unwanted situations, and finally stop the out-of-control downward spiral by releasing that internal self-critic.

Most self-help authors tell you what to do. Jodi shows you.

In this episode, Jodi and Stacy discuss Jodi’s battle with anxiety and how she’s become a happy, successful business owner.

Some highlights include:

Jodi was a counselor saying the same thing to eight people a day. At minute 2:00, she talks about deciding to take her expertise and turning it into a business that could touch many more people than she already was.

“I don’t let things get me down.” At minute 7:00, Jodi talks about why an equal dose of optimism and realism are so important in being a business owner.

Don’t hire people who can’t do the job. At minute 9:00, Jodi talks about what she has learned about the hiring process and how she overcame always seeing the best in people. That’s a dangerous practice when it blinds you from seeing the negatives in potential employees.

You need to be able to transition from work to home. At minute 16:00, Jodi talks about work-life balance. She believes it exists, but it takes a lot of work.

Don’t clutter up your tools. At minute 20:00, Jodi talks about why she only uses a select few tools.

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