Joy Poulsen


Episode 52: People Relate to People, with Joy Poulsen

Joy Poulsen is my go-to tech gal. I follow her on Periscope to really stay up-to-date on everything going on in the tech industry. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Joy worked at Apple for over 11 years. Now she uses that experience to help entrepreneurs like you and I overcome the overwhelm of all things social media. She is also the host of Talk Nerdy to Me Joy.

In this episode, Joy and Stacy discuss how you can become a relatable entrepreneur and how you can boost that into making sales.

Some highlights include:

“Is this the life I want to lead?” At minute 1:00, Joy talks the moment where her life flashed before her eyes that made her decide to leave Apple.

Pick one or two things to focus on with your time and money. At minute 7:00, Joy talks about why focus is so important, especially in the early days of business.

“The opportunity will still be there tomorrow.” At minute 14:00, Joy talks about work-life balance and why, even though it’s hard, stepping away from work is so important.

“You can’t do it for them.” At minute 21:00, Joy talks about the frustrations of seeing people not take the next step.

People relate to people. At minute 25:00, Joy talks about why every entrepreneur should live stream with Periscope or Facebook Live.

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