Julia Pimsleur


Episode 38: Have the Fear and Do It Anyway, with Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is the Founder/CEO of Little Pim, the leading language teaching method for young children, and author of “Million Dollar Women.” She also coaches women on raising capital via her in-person and online workshops.

In this episode, Julia and Stacy discuss the reasons to jump into business, how to do it effectively, and why it can truly be done from anywhere in the world.

Some highlights include:

At minute 3:00, Julia talks about seeing a gap in the market for teaching foreign languages to kids. Becoming fluent in French as by the age of six was one of the best gifts that her parents gave her, and she wanted to be able to give the same thing to her own kids.

Hold the vision of where your company is going. At minute 7:00, Julia talks taking “snowballs to the head” and how to roll with these negatives.

Get focused on who your target customer is. At minute 11:00, Julia talks about how to map out exactly who your target customer is.

“Have the fear and do it anyway.” At minute 17:00, Julia talks about why living on the edge of fear and opportunity is so important.

You can start a million dollar business from anywhere, so don’t give up. At minute 21:00, Julia talks about what she does when she needs motivation.

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