Kendra Prospero


Episode 70: Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Pipeline, with Kendra Prospero

Kendra Prospero is CEO & Founder of Turning the Corner LLC, a career coaching, recruiting, and business cultivation services organization helping job seekers and companies transform the way they think about work. Kendra has given hundreds of presentations to corporate executives, business professionals, Human Resource professionals, and job seekers transforming the way people think about work. She loves helping people get results.

In this episode, Kendra and Stacy discuss making it through the early stages of business and all the challenges that come along with that phase.

Some highlights include:

You probably won’t make money right away. At minute 1:00, Kendra talks about the beginning stage of running a business and the sacrifices that have to be made.

Figure out what you don’t want to do. At minute 8:00, Kendra talks about how to hire the right employees when you’re hiring new employees.

“You need to have a grasp on a sales cycle.” At minute 12:00, Kendra talks about the sales funnel and why it’s so important to the survival of your business.

“I work 2.5 days a week.” At minute 20:00, Kendra talks about getting work-life balance to work for her.

You have to be incredibly self-aware. At minute 26:00, Kendra talks about how business owners can reach the next level.

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