Kyra Reed


Episode 76: Who Are You, Who Are You Talking To, and What Are You Saying?, with Kyra Reed

Kyra Reed is an industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator. She brings a unique and fresh social-first approach to brand marketing and digital strategy. Prior to co-founding [made to order], she spent 15 years working with dozens of companies of all sizes ranging from traditional to social marketing, including start-ups, mid-size businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

In this episode, Kyra and Stacy discuss ways that you can create a great social media strategy and how to overcome some of the challenges you will face.

Some highlights include:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by social media? At minute 5:00, Kyra talks about her system for understanding social media called The Social System.

Need help? At minute 15:00, Kyra talks about the services that [made to order] offers.

Don’t make your audience feel like you’re in it for the sale. At minute 20:00, Kyra talks about creating a balance of offering value and asking for a sale.

Be careful when scheduling content. At minute 25:00, Kyra talks about what you should do with pre-scheduled content when a major crisis is happening in the world.

“The #1 violation on social media is looking like you’re phoning it in.” (minute 26:00)

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