Laura Yates


Episode 93: Take Small Steps Towards Your Big Vision, with Laura Yates

Laura Yates is an international coach, writer, and speaker specialising in helping people through breakups and heartbreak and getting them on the path to finding fulfilling and healthy relationships. Laura has written for and appeared in the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Eharmony, and the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. Laura is on a mission to help heal broken hearts all over the world and show people that breakups can be a catalyst for huge positive change!

In this episode, Laura and Stacy discuss creating a unique business that allows you to live the life you want to live.

Some highlights include:

“I fell into this by accident.” At minute 1:00, Laura talks about how she fell into a business based around breakups and heartbreak.

Invest in the services you need. At minute 6:00, Laura talks about why not investing in the beginning has held her back in the long run.

“I don’t think there is a perfect work-life balance.” At minute 8:00, Laura talks about why you have to be out of balance to achieve the things you want to achieve.

Freedom is being able to go anywhere in the world. At minute 13:00, Laura talks about why she loves being an entrepreneur.

Start with small steps. At minute 19:00, Laura talks about why you need to have a big vision but don’t need to get there all at once.

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