Makenna Johnston


Episode 84: A Coach Can Tell You Where Your Blind Spots Are, with Makenna Johnston

Makenna Johnston is the author of the book “The Intention Generation,” a business & life coach for visionary leaders, and the proprietor of La Peetch, Julia Child’s former home in France. She is an entrepreneur who is all about shaking up the status quo. She’s been called an awareness alchemist, a shiny unicorn, an artist, and speaker. Her mission on this earth is to make sure that visionaries are doing the work they were put on this earth to do. And to do it with joy, ease, and presence.

In this episode, Makenna and Stacy discuss how to get through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Some highlights include:

“The desire to pivot to business coaching was a big shift.” At minute 2:00, Makenna talks about what made her decide to take her career in the direction it’s in now.

Invest in your business. At minute 6:00, Makenna talks about the negative impact not investing in her business had.

“I try to disconnect as frequently as possible.” At minute 8:00, Makenna talks about her own work-life balance.

You can’t delegate everything. At minute 13:00, Makenna talks about the benefits and challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Hire a coach. At minute 19:00, Makenna talks about why you truly have to get your own coach to get to the next level.

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