Mary Kathryn Johnson


Episode 99: Take Your Emotions Out of It, with Mary Kathryn Johnson

Mary Kathryn Johnson has created success for over 13 years as an author, entrepreneur, and mom. A fall while pregnant with her second son landed her with two broken legs, her first book, and business, and she is now on her third business helping other parents create their own life and work success through podcasting, writing and online courses.

In this episode, Mary and Stacy discuss what it takes to be able to do the things in life you want to do.

Some highlights include:

“I just have to do this.” At minute 1:00, Mary tells the story of all her battles with trying to have kids, falling and breaking both legs, and why that pushed her into entrepreneurship.

Get your emotions out of it. At minute 7:00, Mary talks about learning to let go and separate herself from her business.

“Balance is a myth.” At minute 11:00, Mary talks about why she doesn’t believe in work-life balance but does believe in choices.

Freedom, flexibility, and accountability. At minute 21:00, Mary talks about why she loves to be an entrepreneur.

Where are you right now, and how far do you want to go? At minute 24:00, Mary talks about building the bridge between them.

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