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Episode 49: Share More Than What You’re Comfortable With, with Michelle Rose

Michelle runs an online weight loss coaching company where she helps people figure out the mental battles preventing them from losing physical pounds. Michelle’s story into fitness in different from most. She didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, she wasn’t an athlete in college, nor did she have a health scare. She decided to start running marathons in order to get out of an abusive situation. Running changed her, and now she wants to help others do the same. She has multiple degrees in exercise sport science and psychology and became a trainer in Los Angeles to celebrities, CEO’s and general Jo. She discovered after years in the industry and through her own battle that losing weight was a mental game more so than a physical game.

In this episode, Michelle and Stacy discuss turning a daily habit into a business and the ways to connect with the audience that grows from that business.

Some highlights include:

“I wasn’t actually trying to start an online business.” At minute 2:00, Michelle talks about how her business was born out of the success of her Instagram account.

At minute 7:00, Michelle talks about the Strengths Finder 2.0 Test, what it told her, and why you should try it out.

Talk about your life. At minute 14:00, Michelle shares the story of how she first started sharing personal information and how it completely changed her connection with her audience.

“I hit a mental and physical wall.” At minute 19:00, Michelle talks about a situation that she went through that led to her leaving work to take an 8 hour nap, and what she learned about giving herself enough down time to live a happy, healthy life.

It takes time to nurture a personal assistant. At minute :00, Michelle talks about her year-long working relationship with her personal assistant, and how the assistant has become an integral part of her business.

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