Molly Marie


Episode 62: Plan Your Work-Life Schedule and Stick to It, with Molly Marie

Molly Marie of Venture Shorts helps entrepreneurs turn their knowledge into lucrative digital products for 24/7 online income.

In this episode, Molly and Stacy discuss jumping into entrepreneurship at a young age and growing that into a successful business.

Some highlights include:

At minute 1:00, Molly takes me through the story of how and why she dropped out of college with $50,000 in student loan debt to start her business.

Focus on the things you’re really good at. At minute 7:00, Molly talks about making the transition from one accountant to another because her original accountant wasn’t taking enough tasks off her plate.

The best marketing strategies for brick and mortar and online businesses are very different. At minute 11:00, Molly talks marketing for both brick and mortar and online businesses.

“In the beginning, I was working from sunup to sundown.” At minute 19:00, Molly talks what work-life balance meant to her in her early days of business, what it means now, and why it’s okay to have different balances at different stages of business.

Make plans to get out of the house. At minute 26:00, Molly talks about the challenges of working from home and what she does to overcome them.

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