Sonaya Williams


Episode 37: Trust Your Gut, with Sonaya Williams

Sonaya is the founder of the Sonaya Williams Group, an operations consultancy that helps emerging CEOs grow their business and meet their business goals. After spending more than 10 years in varying operations and project management roles in large corporations, Sonaya is a master at systems thinking and bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle that hold so many businesses back.

A seasoned speaker, she has taken many event stages and is a frequent guest expert on leading podcasts and websites. When she’s not running the Sonaya Williams Group, she loves to travel and find adventure wherever she goes.

In this episode, Sonaya and Stacy discuss how you can make working remotely not only a viable business strategy but a strategy that can be incredibly effective.

Some highlights include:

“I was making good money, but I just wasn’t happy.” At minute 2:00, Sonaya talks why she decided to make the jump and go into business for herself.

At minute 9:00, Sonaya talks about the biggest mistake she made while growing her team. Make sure you’re following up and checking that work is getting done!

Be consistent. At minute 12:00, Sonaya talks about all the reasons that consistency is absolutely the most important part of marketing.

“We use a lot of communication tools.” At minute 17:00, Sonaya talks about the tools and strategies that she and her team use to make working remotely very effective.

Trust your gut. At minute 24:00, Sonaya talks about the reasons you need to trust your own instincts to survive in business.

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