10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Overcome Indecision

The 10 questions you need to ask yourself to overcome indecision and to get unstuck as quickly as possible.


I attribute much of my success to my willingness to make a decision and commit. If whatever I’ve decided doesn’t work the way I’d hoped, I move forward and try something new.

If you find yourself struggling to move forward with a decision, whether it’s to invest in a mastermind program or hire a team member, you are really becoming your own biggest obstacle. 

In other words, I bet that fence you’re sitting on is getting uncomfortable. 

These 10 question prompts will help you overcome indecision and are key to helping you get unstuck. 

Grab a pen and a notebook because when you actually write out these answers, you might be surprised about what comes up as the best choice. 

  1. What worries you about making this decision? 
  • You know that saying, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear?” It’s true! Your worries are keeping you from moving forward and acknowledging them will unlock what to do next. 
  1. What does your gut say? 
  • There’s a reason we call it a “gut instinct.” Scientifically, there is a deep connection between our gut, our minds, and our wellbeing. Your body knows the answer. Listen to it. 
  1. What is the biggest reason you don’t want to do this? 
  • Call it out. You might find reflecting on this question allows you to put your doubts into perspective. 
  1. What is the biggest reason you want to do this? 
  • Remembering the “why” behind your decisions, how your choice will benefit you will be so motivating. 
  1. Would you have more regret doing it or not doing it? 
  • Picture your future self. Which scenario feels good to that version of you? 
  1. What is your indecisiveness costing you? 
  • Time? Money? Mental energy? Fulfillment? It’s costing you more NOT making a decision than it will to move forward. 
  1. What could this decision mean for you? 
  • Again, envision the future version of you. What would this decision mean for your lifestyle? 
  1. What are three pros that could come from making this decision? 
  • Get crystal clear on the benefits. 
  1. What would need to happen in order for you to make a decision? 
  • Plan out the logistics. Do you need more information? Do you need to talk to someone in a similar situation? Make a plan and make it happen. 
  1. What would the person you most admire do? 
  • Whether it’s Oprah, a favorite teacher, or your sister, consider what someone who is living the life of your dreams would do in this situation. 

These really are the exact questions I journal through when I’m struggling to make a decision. And I can confidently say that answers to these questions have helped me take action to build 7-figure businesses and work under 30 hours per week. 

Trust me. This works! 

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