10 Ways To Go From Cold To Sold

10 Ways To Go From Cold To Sold

With everything that is going on in our world today, we need to be able to feel secure knowing that we will continue to make money. In turn, this means we need to be able to take even the coldest lead and turn it into a sale! Today, we are talking about 10 ways to take your leads from cold to sold! 

Do Things Differently 

If you are constantly doing the same thing on all your platforms all the time, your customers might start to suspect what is happening. They know when the pitch is coming during your webinar, or that day 4 of your challenge means you will try to get them into your program. Your customers get used to the way you promote your product and the way you sell. 

Using a proven method or model of selling that works is always a good thing.  As entrepreneurs, we need to use what works! However, you need to make it your own. You can not just use the same model, in the same way, all the time. Use things as inspiration, but then ask yourself how you can change your pitch or make the webinar different this time. Changing things will get your customers thinking and engaged. 

Results Focused 

One of the most important things to remember is that your product, program, or service needs to offer your customers a solution. Instead of being focused on how many people are in the program or how many people join your challenge, you need to ask yourself how you can help your customers get better results. Suddenly, your customers are helping you sell and taking some of the selling pressure off of you! Those cold leads turn warm much faster because they trust you are giving them the best value!

Pay Attention 

What does your customer want? Being a business owner you need to be able to read a customer’s mind and know what they are asking for. When you are paying attention to what they want, they become much more invested. 

How can I warm up leads faster? By listening to what people want, you will be able to give them content that they want to see and that’s relevant to them! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my customers asking me for? 
  • What do my customers come to me for the most?
  • What do my customers buy next?

Little Extras 

How can you go above and beyond for your potential customers? Imagine how much faster someone could warm up to you if you sent them a personalized message on social media or told them about a new workshop that is happening soon?

Could you have a budget set aside, as little as $5 a day, where you could send one of your leads a Starbucks gift card just to say congratulations for showing up live today? 

Taking Your Time 

Here is what you need to understand! You’re moving too quickly with your leads because you are too busy. If you take the time to actually appreciate your potential leads excitement and respond to that message and talk to them, you start building relationships. The sale becomes so much easier. 

Your sales funnel should help your potential customer get to know you and your product or services. You can send them from the top of this funnel to the bottom quickly and hook them right away! 

I know you’re busy trying to make money, but your leads need you to warm up and build the relationship! 

The Follow Up

Following up with leads is so important. Just because someone hasn’t responded after one email or text, doesn’t mean they don’t like you or your product! Everyone is busy and sometimes they just need a reminder. Don’t give up on people if you see potential!

Stay Top Of Mind

If people aren’t seeing your posts and you are not paying for ads on social media, how are you going to get seen or avoid your emails from going into a promotional folder?

Stay top of mind by running value ads. Value ads are not selling your product or services, they are simply a way to get your face in front of the potential customer! This can be done for a very minimal amount per day. 

Switch things Up! 

Make sure you switch up the platforms you are using to reach out to potential customers, as well. People operate in different ways. You could be emailing a lead multiple times and send them a Facebook message and they reply right away. What are the different ways you can try to connect with your leads? There’s snail mail, email, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, phone, text, etc. 

Think Smaller

What is a smaller bite-size offer that you can give leads that allows them to test you out without making that big purchase?

You want to allow anyone to work with you. You want them to feel good about trying you out! It’s a no-brainer offer! If people can’t test you out, they will potentially stay cold, feeling like they can’t spend the money on someone they do not know. 

Consistently Delivering Value 

People trust and warm up to someone who is consistent, reliable, and a true friend. If you are constantly changing your offer or how often you post on social media, your potential customers start to think that they don’t know you or they can’t trust you. 

One of the best products that we sell at Foot Traffic Formula that warms up our cold leads is our Content Machine. We’ve created this product that helps our customers feel like they can work with us no matter where they are in their business.

The Content Machine program will not only help you understand how to turn your cold leads into sales, but it will help you uplevel your business as we start working towards 2021!