Alease is an online marketing & branding coach, marketing professor, and best-selling author of “Greatness Is In the Comeback.”

She has over 17+ years of experience in marketing, business development, and leadership training. She’s can actually say she’s an entrepreneur, but a few years back she actually had no idea what she was doing. Because of her struggles, Alease now has an unrelenting commitment to helping other women entrepreneurs create thriving brands so that they can increase their incomes, get more clients, and achieve success in their personal and business lives.

Alease has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a dozen of industries like wellness & health providers, boutique owners, realtors, financial planners, fashion designers, beauty professionals, chefs, pastors, and music artists.

She’s been featured in Somerset Studio, Creative Loafing, Charlotte Observer, Ai In Site, Pride Magazine, Uptown Magazine,WSOC TV, Success Stalkers Radio, Biz Chix Podcast & Business Women Rock as well awarded Faculty of the Year, Ai Leader Spotlight, and Goodwill Outstanding Community Leader.

Her products, workshops, and coaching style is creative, straight forward, and easy to implement into your busy life.

In this episode, Alease and Stacy discuss becoming an entrepreneur to take back your life.

Some highlights include:

“I was demoted.” At minute 1:00, Alease talks about the devastating career event that made her decide to jump into business for herself.

Not everything is a strength for everyone. At minute 4:00, Alease talks about her ability to break down complex things into simple steps that anyone can follow.

Facebook technology is great for boosting your visibility. At minute 8:00, Alease talks about the growth she’s seen in her business because of Facebook ads and Facebook Live.

Focus on what you enjoy doing. At minute 13:00, Alease talks about why she delegates the cleaning of her house and a lot of her social media work.

“I love the freedom.” At minute 15:00, Alease talks about the benefits and challenges she finds from being an entrepreneur.

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