Jon is a Facebook marketing coach, author, speaker and strategist. He became an early user of Facebook for business purposes while working for the National Basketball Association in 2007. Jon launched Jon Loomer Digital in late 2011, and in little more than a year established JonLoomer.com as well as his Facebook page as go-to resources for Facebook marketing research, guides and tutorials.

In this episode, Jon and Stacy discuss building a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live your life and give your family the stability you want.

Some highlights include:

“I was laid off twice in two and a half years.” At minute 1:00, Jon talks about why he decided to stop moving his family around and decided to start his business.

When you write, you learn about yourself. At minute 5:00, Jon talks about how he grew his business through one of his biggest strengths: writing.

Work-life balance doesn’t mean spending all of your time with your family. At minute 13:00, Jon talks about why you need to spend time with the people that matter to you but also need to spend enough time in your business to continually challenge yourself.

Do what you’re good at and delegate everything else. At minute 17:00, Jon talks about his team and what he delegates.

You have to experiment. At minute 24:00, Jon talks about how to figure out what is going to work for you and your business and why you shouldn’t worry if something doesn’t work immediately.

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