Stacey Brown Randall has one focus in life.

To help business owners avoid business failure.

She knows – she’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

What Stacey learned when her first business failed and through years of researching successful business owners – is now what is making all the difference with her current business success. And she is sharing all of her secrets.

Stacey’s online programs and live coaching provide a blueprint to follow to take control of your referrals, client experience, business and days. She focuses on helping solopreneurs and small business owners to increase sales through sticky clients and unleashing a referral explosion in your business without asking for referrals.

Stacey is a three-time entrepreneur, certified productivity and time efficiency coach, has a background in sales and marketing, is an adjunct professor, and an aspiring author.

Stacey received her Masters in Organizational Communication and is married with three kids, a 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. She and her husband also welcomed the newest member to their family as they have the privilege of raising their 8-year-old nephew.

In this episode, Stacey and Stacy discuss the importance of having a referral strategy.

Some highlights include:

“You have to touch business development every day.” At minute 4:00, Stacey shares three things that she learned that went wrong with her first business failure.

Learn how to get referrals by NOT asking. At minute 7:00, Stacey shares her referral strategy and why you must make sure to have relationships with people who can and will refer you.

Be worth referring. At minute 10:00, Stacey talks about how important it is to create a great client experience.

Stay authentic to who you are. At minute 11:00, Stacey talks about her three platinum principles and why it’s so important to stay true to yourself.

Figure out how to scale your business. At minute 17:00, Stacey talks about the importance of learning how to scale your business.

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