Michael Carbone, an MBA graduate, is an online entrepreneur, podcaster, and an Iron Man. He is the host of the “Unleash Yourself” podcast, which is about getting “unstuck”, overcoming limiting beliefs and becoming unleashed from your fears. Today, he talks to Stacy about how he moved from being employed to owning his own life. He shares some valuable insights and advice, learned through his own journey of experience.

In this episode, Michael and Stacy discuss ways that you can grow a small online business, quickly and effectively, without fear or anxiety, while remaining true to your own authentic nature.

Some highlights include:

The turning point really was ending up in a doctor’s office.” At minute 2.24, Michael talks about the turning point which got him to unleash himself from his fears and become an online entrepreneur.

It was Sunday night and I was dreading going to work on a Monday morning and that’s how the anxiety and stress came out.” At minute 4.15, Michael talks about the anxiety and stress, resulting from going to work for someone else.

At the time I was training for the Iron Man….It’s the hardest one-day endurance event in the world”  At minute 5.27, Michael talks about the particular challenges he placed upon himself by signing up for Iron Man and the reasons why that was so important for him.

Copywriting or writing persuasive text or persuasive emails or persuasive copy is actually one of the biggest and most important skills you can have, so it’s really important to keep that to yourself and learn along the way.” At minute 7.19, Michael talks about the importance of developing your skills ‘along the way’ as you develop your business.

“… if you’re able to make it your own, by putting in some stories, showing your unique sense of humor, or if you’re sarcastic, being sarcastic…” At minute 8.21, Michael talks about the importance of coming across with your own, unique perspective in business in order to really stand out and create an emotional connection with people.

I love doing webinars- webinars are a great way to do that because you’re able to get in front of someone else’s audience and come across in a very real and authentic way.” At minute 11.00, Michael talks about the benefits of webinars as a marketing tool.

My recommendation is that you start now, start small- start with where you are now.” At minute 13.43, Michael explains how to grow your business and yourself, simultaneously.

Work/life balance is a very interesting thing- it’s definitely something that I have at some points and I don’t have to others.” At minute 17.46, Michael tells Stacy about his take on his work/life balance.

The best advice I can give to you is: Don’t wait till you’re ready to get started. I think that starting fast and starting small is very important because you’re able to build momentum along the way.” At minutes 25.52 and 26.34, Michael offers his solid advice to any entrepreneur looking to ‘level up’ their business and their life.

At minute 28.22, Michael talks about his signature ‘Online Coursein a Weekend’, which “Helps you pick a weekend where you’re gonna sit down and get something done.” He shares more about this course at minute 28.45.

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