Dr. Frank Gibson founded the largest integrated medicine clinic of its kind in the USA. After selling it, he turned his focus to launching an alcohol abuse recovery program. He has appeared on over fifty radio and television programs, has featured in dozens of magazines and he has presented more than one hundred seminars in the USA and Europe.

On today’s program, Frank talks to Stacy about his success with helping people recover from alcoholism, the number one health problem in he world. He also shares his advice and tips about how to become more successful in any business venture.

Some highlights include:

“There’s fifteen million Americans every year that aren’t seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder and I’d come up with an answer.” At minute 2.25, Frank shares how he came to be doing what he does today.

“My strengths are just living my passions fully…” From minute 3.40, Frank talks about his passions, which make for his success.

“I paid large sums of money to a marketing company that didn’t understand the company or communicate the passion.” From minute 5.22, Frank talks about a financial lesson that he learned the hard way.

“Well, sometimes fear is a good thing…” At minute 7.20, Frank talks about fear and how it is important to look at the effect it has on one’s life.

“Einstein said it’s like riding a bicycle- to keep your balance, you have to keep moving.” At minute 8.18, Frank discusses work/life balance, how he defines it and what it means to him.

“I think it’s important to understand we do have seasons- we have seasons in our lives, we have seasons in our business growth, we have seasons in our families.” At minute 9.02 Frank talks about the seasons of life and their significance.

“Every day, I tell myself my life is not my own.” At minute 11.30, Frank shares a daily habit, which helps keep him on track and successful.

“For every (people) that gets help, you really do impact twenty people around them.” From minute 12.00, Frank talks about the impact that alcoholism has on families.

“We need to find things that other people can do better, to have a successful business.” From minute 13.53, Frank talks about the value of outsourcing certain aspects of a business.


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