Judy Tsuei is a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, writing coach and spiritual guide for new moms to find themselves again and achieve publishing success. She has traveled the world as a freelance writer, authored a book on Amazon and she currently hosts writing retreats which are designed for intelligent women with wild hearts! She is also the mother of little Wilder Love Fox.

In this episode, Judy talks to Stacy about her book, “Meditations for Mamas Who Deserve to Feel Good” and she shares some insightful advice for women, about how to get themselves out there, become successful and connect with their tribe.

Some highlights include:

So I definitely felt that sense of isolation after you become a mom for the first time...”  From minute 1.54, Judy talks about why she began doing what she does.

My book is called: “Meditations for Mamas Who Deserve to Feel Good…” At minute 3.05, Judy talks about her new book.

One of the key steps is to do something that you’re passionate about…. like raising a child...” From minute 4.40, Judy talks about the steps she had to take, moving from writer to coach.

Just find someone who is further along the road than you are...” At minute 5.55, Judy talks about the value of well-chosen mentors or coaches.

Only in realizing that surrender was where my power was and where my power lies… that’s helped me profoundly.” From minute 8.12, Judy discusses her personal strengths, that keep her business strong and successful.

If you’re going to start a group, your presence is going to be really valuable and it’s going to make a big difference- when another mama posts, I respond.”  At minute 9.43, Judy offers advice for growing a Facebook group.

I hired a coach that, viscerally, I felt ‘this is not the the right person for me’- I just knew it.” At minute 12.16, Judy shares something, that looking back, she would not have done.

Getting yourself out there and writing about what you love and believe, you’re going to attract your tribe to you…” From minute 15.16, Judy shares some marketing ideas and business advice.

It involves a lot of clear communication with my husband...” From minute 19.16, Judy talks about her work/life balance as a busy mom.

There’s nothing more powerful than allowing yourself to show up in your full brilliance...” From minute 23.56, you can listen to Judy’s solid advice to entrepreneurs looking to uplevel.

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