Damion Lupo was born an entrepreneur, having started his first business venture at the tender age of eleven, even hiring his parents for logistics support. He has subsequently started and owned more than thirty different companies over the last twenty-five years. He is the founder of “Yokido”, a fusion of Aikido and yoga and he also has another three black belts to his credit. He paid for his first house with a Visa, then bought a hundred and fifty houses across seven states over the next five years. Despite going through a twenty million dollar meltdown in 2008, he persevered, with enormous success. He launched Fintek in Austin, raising a million dollars in just eighty-five days. He is the author of five published books, with another two to be released in the Spring of 2017.

On today’s show, Damion, a financial mentor to the elite, talks to Stacy about his approach to business, which sets him apart from the norm. He also shares some of his valuable insight and experience, to help you to develop a really successful attitude towards any business venture.

Some highlights include:

“If you go to what other people want- that was one of the mistakes I made in each of those college experiences, I was doing it for someone else.” At minute 2.24, Damion talks about finding a new tribe, in line with his own values.

“The biggest and most successful people are making a million dollars in my state and that’s not enough for me. I need to do something bigger.” At minute 3.32, he describes his mindset in his early twenties, which eventually lead to a crash, five years later.

“The Universe was giving me some feedback and I only listened to it when it drove over me with a freight train.” At minute 4.18, Damion discusses the importance of taking heed of the lessons learned along the way.

“The way it was totally different is it was based on a mission to empower people, to disrupt the Wall Street system… it was based on values that we consciously spent a day just thinking about.”  At minute 6.20, Damion talks about the magical experience of starting Total Control Financial from scratch.

“So what we do is we help people see an opportunity that could take their money out of Wall Street and take control of it.” At minute 7.40, he talks about what his company offers.

“So the thing that drives me now is the hundred percent responsibility and ownership for everything in my life.” From minute 13.44, Damion talks about his personal strengths and how he developed his current attitude.

“And there’s this power in having people around us and bringing us support, compared with people that are going to bring us down.” At minute 15.58, he discusses the importance of figuring out and ultimately choosing who is influencing you.

“Real estate can serve people, or it can make them crazy.” From minute 20.36, Damion gives great advice about understanding and dealing with real estate calmly, without anxiety.

“It’s the freedom to create- having the opportunity.” At minute 24.15, Damion shares what he most gets out of being an entrepreneur.

“So there’s this inner genius in all of us, in fact, I know we all have this and when we tap into it and let it loose, then all of a sudden, we’re living!” At minute 24.43 he talks about the real benefit of tapping into your inner genius.

“It’s super disruptive and it doesn’t allow us to really show up and deliver who we are.” At minute 26.20, Damion shares the “no ding” policy he uses in his office.

“I put it on my wish list at Amazon- that way I don’t feel like I’m losing it” At minute 27.13, Damion offers a tip to create more space and to help you to focus without distractions.

“I use Smartsheet and that’s how I monitor those narrow things that I’m focusing on… our ongoing team conversations live in Slack, so that we can check in with it whenever.” At minute 28.14, Damion shares some online tools that he benefits from using.

“Mistakes are only a failure if they’re not admitted.” At minute 30.16, Damion offers his advice to people wanting to level up their business.

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