Lilah Higgins is a branding designer and coach with a fine art background, currently living right at the foot of the Yellowstone National Park. She works with talented Makers, providing them with logos, branding and design consultation. She’s the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram.

On today’s show, Lilah talks to Stacy about designs and logos and she shares some tips to create a brand with the look that’s right for you.

Some highlights include:

“So I started right after we got married…” At minute 1.09, Lilah tells Stacy about where she started.

“Yeah, it’s kind of a sensitive topic for some…” At minute 3.20, Lilah talks about the sensitive issue of helping clients with choosing the right name for their business.

“Your brand is not so much what you like necessarily, even your style…” From minute 5.10, Lilah shares some tips for finding the right look for your brand.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m constantly tweaking my brand.” From minute 7.50, Lilah talks about tweaking your brand.

“Right, and when you have too many crazy fonts- when you start to create content, it doesn’t end up looking cohesive.” At minute 8.46, Lilah talks about the value in choosing simple designs.

“I’d pretty much limit it to three, with most of my clients.” At minute 9.19, Lilah discusses the appropriate number of fonts to use on your website.

“It really depends on the person and designer- I know I start with a logo, usually.” At minute 10.23, Lilah talks about where to start with building or rebuilding a brand.

“I am able to educate my clients in a gracious way and tell them ‘hey, this is not going to convert for you- not going to look as professional as you want it to look’.” At minute 12.04, Lilah talks about how she helps clients without stepping on their toes.

“I usually send my clients to Pinterest first…” At minute 13.13, Lilah shares where she goes to get ideas and inspiration for the brands that her clients want.

“Templates are great- if you can get your designer to create templates for you…”

“If you can find a style of stock imagery that works for you…”   At minutes 14.30 and 15.39, she shares some tips for people wanting to create consistency across various social media platforms.

“Probably too many fonts.” At minute 16.40, Lilah talks about the biggest mistake she sees with other people’s branding.

“I have a very well curated tribe on Facebook and they have helped me immensely.” At minute 17.26, Lilah talks about the value of her Facebook group.

“So they’re home with me for the majority of the week, but my sister takes them overnight Thursdays and Fridays and so I’m able to have that time.” At minute 18.42, Lilah explains how she manages her day and stays a high performer as a mom to two toddlers.

“I actually use Over a lot for my social media templates and my blog templates and everything…” At minute 21.06, Lilah shares an online tool she uses to create gorgeous brands.

“Collaborate with someone.” At minute 22.13, Lilah offers her advice to someone looking to really uplevel their business.”


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