Kathryn Moorhouse developed her passion for marketing through following her business degree with a post grad in marketing. Later, while working as an au pair in South Africa, she had an idea to start a company, manufacturing baby clothing.

While developing her business, she found Lilah Higgins on Facebook. Kathryn realized that she needed to connect with others who had more experience and know-how than she did, in order to grow her business quickly and successfully, so she got really involved with Lilah’s Facebook group and soon became the group’s administrator.

She took over running the Facebook group when Lilah went on holiday and later became her VA, running all her social media groups.This is how Kathryn discovered that Pinterest really grabbed her attention and also how Stacy became one of her clients.

On today’s Online Coaching Call, Stacy coaches Kathryn and shares her insight and experience with her. Join Stacy today and benefit from watching her help Kathryn create a more profitable and effective online business.

Some highlights include:

“I’m focusing on Pinterest next year- that’s the goal with the business.” At minute 4.20, Kathryn talks about her focus for 2017.

“So at the moment we don’t have kids, so my goal is to really use this time to build it up to the point that I have free time later on.” From minute 7.06, Kathryn discusses her business intentions for the future.

“You have to set time aside, otherwise you don’t get it done.” At minute 11.44, Kathryn talks about setting time aside for each aspect of business, in order to get it all done.

“A couple of things I do with my coaching clients- we create this journey.” At minute 13.24,  Stacy encourages Kathryn with suggestions to bring more people to her Pinterest courses.

“So the whole strategy behind a tripwire is…” At minute 15.35, Stacy explains the benefit of the Tripwire Strategy to Kathryn.

“You could absolutely hire a VA under you. You’re still looking at it, making sure it looks good and it’s up to your standards, but once your VA works with you long enough and knows you, they’re gonna be as good as you.” At minute 19.33, Stacy encourages Kathryn to train a potential VA in the way that she prefers to work.

“So I really like this ‘Do it with you- Do it for you- Do it by you‘ (strategy), because that filters it into a very easy to follow…” At minute 21.41, Kathryn explains why she loves the strategy that Stacy suggested.

“You can have payment plans, so it’s not something that feels like so much money for them.” At minute 25.56, Stacy shares the value in offering payment plans to clients.

“I do think your website has to be one of your top priorities.” At minute 31.37, Stacy talks about the priorities in an online business.

“You also really want testimonials…would you also mind if I screenshot it- where you were and where you are now, working with me?” At minute 31.45, Stacy shares the value of testimonials and how to make them even more effective as a website marketing tool, by using screenshots of the analytics.

“Once you have the one and it’s working, add more.” At minute 35.41, Stacy talks about how to use freemiums effectively as a marketing tool.

“I would suggest even starting with something like ‘Mailchimp’ or ‘Convertkit’ that’s like $29 a month…”  At minute 36.17, Stacy suggests email tools to start off with, that work well, but are free or inexpensive.

“There are so many ways to do this for free that could blow up your business just this year, for sure!” At minute 37.52, Stacy fantastic, free marketing strategies with Kathryn.

“You’ve got to know your competitors in this space…” At minute 39.28, Stacy encourages Kathryn to check out what her competitors are doing.

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