Wendy Gendreau is a Life Strategist Coach with her priorities well in line! She’s a mother of four, soon to be five children, with multiple businesses- from brick and mortar, to online. Wendy, who home schools her kids, is passionate about helping people change their lives without having to sacrifice their families in the process. She loves giving people the opportunity to have options and choices in their lives.

In this episode, Wendy talks to Stacy about how she copes with running her businesses and also giving her husband and kids the attention they deserve. Wendy believes in working smarter, not harder and still having a blast!

Some highlights include:

“I was born in a very normal household, raised very ordinarily… we had a great family, but I always knew I was destined for so much more.” From minute 1.05, Wendy tells her story.

“It was at that point that I really wanted to grasp onto that there was something better out there and I didn’t know how, I didn’t know what, but I knew it was possible.” At minute 1.38, Wendy talks about the birth process of her creating a successful life.

“When my youngest, right now she’s gonna be three, but when she was one month old, that was when I actually started two of my three businesses…” From minute 2.26, Wendy talks about starting her businesses with four small children!

“And I really believe it was because I had my priorities in alignment, so there was never any stressful, overwhelming frustration or  burnout because I never overstepped my boundaries and I just trusted the process.” At minute 3.00, Wendy explains how she made it work.

“The brick and mortar is a franchise store.” At minute 3.23, Wendy talks about her brick and mortar business.

“Well, it started with just being completely obsessed with personal development.” From minute 4.10, Wendy talks about how she started out as a Life Strategist Coach.

“I think it was a limiting belief…” At minute 6.00, Wendy talks about a limiting belief she overcame.

“So the first step is always gratitude.” At minute 6.56, Wendy talks about overcoming your limitations with gratitude.

“So it’s really, truly just figuring out where you are in life and where you want to go and what’s stopping you in between” At minute 9.27, Wendy explains how you can know what you’re meant to be doing.

“We have just accepted every blessing we have been given and I just kinda roll with it.” From minute 13.12, Wendy talks about how she copes as a home-schooling mom and a business owner.

“Well, fun looks a little different for me…” From minute 14.39, Wendy talks about how she incorporates fun into her picture, being so busy.

“Well, I think probably deserving success…” From minute 16.08, Wendy talks about something that she still struggles with overcoming and how she deals with it.

“Number one, journaling, I’ve always been an avid journaler… I love listening to podcasts…” From minute 18.47, Wendy shares what she does to maintain the mindset she chooses to have.

“When it comes to supper time, you can either eat, or not eat, coz I’m not making separate food for every single one of you…be happy for what we have.” From minute 20.48, Wendy talks about how she inspires gratitude in her children.

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