Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

The growth of any business is crucial. It takes lots of work to go out and find new customers. Maintaining a business also takes work, as most people do not have a hundred percent client retention rate. This is where the Dream Fifty can really work for you, to get the results you would like by working smarter rather than harder.

In this episode of She’s Building Her Empire, Stacy unpacks the idea of the Dream Fifty, a method that you can use to network with the right people and reach many more people in your target market, with way less effort. A Dream Fifty could be a complimentary business, an organization or even a community. Join Stacy today, as she explains how you can grow your business by using your Dream Fifty.


Some highlights include:

“Write down a list, fifty or more of your dream type people…” From minute 2.20, Stacy explains how you can start using your Dream Fifty.

“Now the trick here is to be as strategic as possible when you’re coming up with this, it really needs to be a win win.” At minute 2.50, Stacy explains how to strategize when using your Dream Fifty.

“That one, yes, could be so worth it to you.” At minute 3.35, Stacy explains how valuable even one person can be, when you use your Dream Fifty.

“’No’s’ are okay, sometimes a ‘no’ is secretly just a ‘not right now’.” At minute 3.40, Stacy explains that sometimes a ‘no’ is not necessarily a ‘never’.

“So when they say ‘no’, just work your butt off so they become a ‘yes’ at some point. At minute 4.37, Stacy advises you about how to deal with a ‘no’.

“I have a Dream Fifty for my podcast guests that I want to interview. I also have a Dream Fifty for shows that I want to be on…” At minute 4.50, Stacy talks about how she uses her Dream Fifty in her business.

“So Jared just recently launched a book, 3 Billion Under 30…” At minute 5.55, Stacy shares where she discovered the Dream Fifty idea.

“He then asked me if I wanted to interview any of the experts in the book, that he could personally get me an introduction.” At minute 7.06, Stacy talks about her personal experience of the benefits using of the Dream Fifty.

“It’s easy to be an affiliate to something when you’re involved in it.” At minute 7.56, Stacy talks about another advantage to using your Dream Fifty.

“Your network is your net worth.” At minute 9.06, Stacy reminds you that whatever you put out in business, will come back.

“When somebody introduces you that you’re friends with, you’re going to take it more seriously- it’s not going to feel like a spam-type email…” At minute 10.45, Stacy talks about the value of personal

“Don’t forget to reach out to specific people. Use your network and give.” At minute 11.33, Stacy encourages you to give freely, without any expectation of reward.

“We just opened up our She’s Building Her Empire Live, a live event that we’ll be hosting this April, so we have early bird pricing going on right now.” At minute 14.35, Stacy talks about her live event and tells you how to get hold of early bird tickets at a special price.

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