Josh Elledge is the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of Savings Angel, a membership-based business, launched in 2007, which boosts the buying power of American families with the use of coupons, technology, and smart thinking. Through this, he has become known as one of the nation’s leading experts on consumer savings. Today, they have done more than $5 000 000 in sales.

Since then, Josh has built an additional business called UpEnd PR, a software as a service, membership based website. It has been designed to consult with and provide the tools for entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales by attracting the right audience, without the typical expense associated with a PR firm.

On today's show, Josh, who has appeared on TV and radio shows more than 1500 times, shares some fabulous tools and strategies for media marketing and getting to know the right people, to attract the success you would love to have. Listen in today and learn about how Josh can help you add value to your business.

Some highlights include:

“So about ten years ago, I had been working in internet marketing…” At minute 1.06, Josh tells the incredible story of how he started out.

“So when we launched Savings Angel, I had no money…I was in the process of losing my position with the other company…” From minute 3.59, Josh explains how he started Savings Angel, with no money for advertising!

“So I started teaching other startups and business owners how to do what we do because there's really a science to it.” At minute 5.24, Josh talks about the art to doing PR his way.

“I've boiled it down to kind of the three things that most producers and people in the media are going to gauge very quickly whether or not to engage with you.” From minute 8.20, Josh talks about the three things you need to get together before pitching your product via the media.

“People will pay for your confidence, more so than even your expertise.” At minute 18.26, Josh stresses the importance of being confident with what you do.

“The way to move forward is to grow your business, you need more exposure, you need better conversion, and that's really it.” At minute 21.00, Josh encourages you to grow your business through exposure.

“You can pay your way to get onto major media outlets, but it's expensive.”

“You need to start in your local market, of course, first.” At minute 23.45 and from minute 24.18, Josh talks about how to get onto a show for the first time, if you have no credibility as yet.

“The most important thing that you can get, in my opinion, out of a media placement with a new media outlet, with a new reporter, a new producer, the most important thing you get is the relationship. At minute 26.21, Josh stresses the importance of building relationships, when it comes to media exposure.

“How do you get into these inner circles, right and I'm going to tell you exactly how to get into these inner circles.” From minute 28.48, Josh explains exactly how to get into the media inner circles.

“Yeah, and so you're constantly going around finding how can I bring value to everybody that I meet.” At minute 36.25, Josh talks about the value in always maintaining an attitude of service.

To contact Josh:

Josh's website: UpEnd PR

Josh on Twitter: @joshelledge

To get Josh's Twitter Publicity Mastery Course for free (Normally selling for $99) go to: UpEnd PR

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