Amy Schmittauer is the creator of the popular Youtube series “Savvy Sexy Social”, with millions of views, dedicated to helping you go after the life you want. Known for her edutainment style in the way she teaches, Amy has built a name for herself as an internationally acclaimed public speaker. Now she’s launched her first book, Vlog Like A Boss- How To Kill It Online With Video Blogging.

On today’s show, Amy will share her collection of strategies and tactics to help you create videos that really get you the attention you deserve.

Some highlights include:

“So I’ve actually worked for myself full time since 2011…” From minute 0.53, Amy fills in on her background.

“First of all, it was bizarre in the first place to write a book, because that happened from the speaking…” From minute 4.33, Amy shares some of the ups and downs of her book writing process.

“I have some absolutely incredible people that believe in me enough that they would read my book, or just write me a testimonial for the book- for me, really.” At minute 7.34, Amy talks about the support she has and how much it helps her.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s unbelievable how difficult it is.” From minute 8.11, Amy talks about how difficult it is to promote a book and how she copes with that.

“I self-published, but I’m working with a publisher that sort of does a hybrid model. They’re called Author Academy Elite, so they’re fantastic!” At minute 9.23, Amy talks about how she published her book.

“A lot of it is going to be how I continue to build upon this message, so the book is sort of like the catalyst and the starting point.” From minute 11.52, Amy shares her intentions for 2017.

“It’s a dream opportunity because you don’t have to create the wheel over again.” From minute 14.22, Amy explains why she loves affiliate marketing.

“So it really depends on where you want to be and that depends on who you’re trying to communicate with.” From minute 15.20, Amy shares some expertise on the video aspect of her business, highlighting the difference between Youtube and Facebook.

“If what your video is doing does the job and you did the best of your ability at that time, …” From minute 19.36, Amy advises about what you can do best with your videos on Youtube.

“Think like a human when you’re looking at that thumbnail…” At minute 21.44, Amy offers some advice about tweaking your thumbnails on Youtube, to increase the number of views.

“The thumbnail you can get away with, but with SEO you do not want to change the headline, the description or the tags in any capacity.” At minute 23.20, Amy talks about getting the most from SEO.

“It’s any one of the fears…” From minute 23.45, Amy offers her advice about dealing with common mistakes she hears about from her students.

“I would definitely recommend that you beef up your channel a bit before you launch.” At minute 25.42, Amy offers advice to someone starting out on Youtube or with podcasts.

“If you’re just getting started, start with what you can do for someone else first.” At minute 31.26, Amy offers great advice to people starting out.

To contact Amy: Vlog Like A Boss

Resources: Publisher- Author Academy Elite

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