The guest on today's show is Natalie Sorensen, a leading Success Coach and a Personal Branding Mentor for women. She is dedicated to helping mompreneurs shift their money mindset and discover infinite possibility. She's been an entrepreneur for almost thirteen years, so it comes as no surprise to learn that her passion has always been for business. Today, Natalie talks to Stacy about personal branding and building a six figure success story.

Natalie experienced a huge shift in her life when her kids entered the picture, busting her limiting belief that she couldn't both run a successful business and be a Rockstar Mom…  So came the birth of The Mompreneur's Club on Facebook. Natalie started it because she really wanted to create a community for Moms to support Moms in growing great businesses. Listen in today and find out from Natalie how you can skyrocket your online business to huge success.

Some highlights include:

“So one thing that I'm very passionate about is that you don't have to be a hot mess as a Mom…” From minute 2.38, Natalie talks about how she came up with her own brand.

“It's not always about comfort and convenience- it's about dreaming big!” At minute 4.50, Natalie talks about dreaming big as a precursor to success.

“I actually launched my online business- December a year ago.” At minute 7.47, Natalie talks about her amazing year of meteoric growth in her online business and the many things that she's learned in that time.

“How do I take this six figure income in six months and say, double it?” At minute 9.36, Natalie talks about scaling her business.

“A high-level program that was going to take entrepreneurs from not knowing how to create an online business or online brand, to really getting it executed.” At minute 9.53, Natalie talks about creating her signature program.

“I knew that I could hit a six figure launch if all these other people that I was seeing online could…” At minute 12.55, Natalie talks about her determination to be successful.

“So, no, I got really clear on what my God-given gifts were that I was going to use within this program.” From minute 13.55, Natalie talks about what she did to hit the really big numbers and also about where her strength lies.

“Hire a high-end coach, hire a really successful copywriter- put yourself in a position where your launch can't fail.” At minute 17.27, Natalie offers advice to ensure that your launch is a success.

“I love that I had a proven launch strategy that I was going to follow.” At minute 21.49, Natalie stresses the value of planning things out before you start.

“For 2017, I'm going to really specifically focus on just offering three things…” From minute 30.18, Natalie talks about what can be expected from her, going forward into 2017.


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