Today’s guest is Lisa Woodruff, a Personal Organizer, a Productivity Specialist and author of the book The Mindset Of Organization- Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time. Lisa believes that organization is something that can be developed, even if you weren’t born that way. On today’s show, Lisa explains how you can have your space organized and keep it that way.

Lisa started out as a teacher. At the age of forty, when thinking about what she really wanted to do with her life, she realized that all her successes had to do with organization- either for herself or for others. So she launched her blog Organize 365 in January 2012, with the idea of selling organizing products. Within a couple of months, people were referring to her as a Professional Organizer. Once she realized that that was what she really was, the sky became the limit. Listen in and find out from Lisa how you can organize your life to maximize your productivity.

Some highlights include:

“I have multiple revenue streams…” From minute 2.44, Lisa explains what her business looks like today.

“But when they pay for it, they really do it.” At minute 3.25, Lisa explains how charging for something is often better than giving it way for free.

“It starts with de-cluttering- you always have to de-clutter.” At minute 5.35, Lisa talks about some of the easier things to organize.

“So tackle one area at a time- step one is de-clutter, step two is organize, step three is productivity…” At minute 6.07, Lisa gives you the first three steps towards productivity, reminding you that you can’t do it all at once!

“It’s all about building better habits.” At minute 6.27, Lisa talks about creating good habits for yourself.

“So the big thing is to complete the de-cluttering process…” At minute 7.20, Lisa advises you to get rid of whatever you no longer need.

“But what I suggest now, is to just ship it all out- take the last Amazon box you got, pack it up…” At minute 7.52, Lisa talks about Amazon’s promotion, launched over Christmas, where they will pay to send your unwanted goods to Goodwill.

“You need to decide what is most important that day.” At minute 9.30, Lisa talks about whether you should sell your unwanted items, or give them away.

“It’s because you don’t set in organizational systems and go to the level of productivity.” From minute 10.30, Lisa explains why clutter tends to creep back in.

“So this is what I call Organization 101- setting up a Sunday Basket for that kitchen pile that is not going to go away.” At minute 13.37, Lisa describes a great system for dealing with mail and the daunting ‘kitchen pile’.

“If the whole entire house is disorganized… we’re going to focus on the following four areas, because they impact a woman’s life the most.” At minute 17.19, Lisa talks about the primary areas that she organizes in most people’s homes.

“So it depends on how long it’s been disorganized.” At minute 18.14, Lisa talks about the cost of having her organize your home.

“So the message I really, really want women to hear is that it doesn’t matter if you were born organized, or not organized, everyone can be organized.” From minute 22.51, Lisa shares a heartfelt message with all women.


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