Emily Hirsh, who majored in Kinesiology- with health being her thing,  is now a leading Facebook Apps Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist. Emily and her team have been part of multiple six figure launches, as well as having their own multiple six-figure businesses.

In today’s show, Emily shares her knowledge and experience to help you to create strategies, so that you can go about marketing your business smartly and successfully, without wasting a ton of money.


“So I started by diving into the online business world when my husband and I started an online business three years ago…”  From minute 1.16, Emily explains how she became a Facebook Ad Strategist and a funnel.

“I get that question so much- like what should my budget be and so something I’m really big on is your warm audience…” From minute 3.13, Emily talks about where to start with advertising on facebook and what the budget should look like.

“It’s honestly the warm traffic…” From minute 4.43, Emily talks about her go-to area, when working with someone for the first time, to ensure that they’re set up correctly.

“The other thing that I talk about a lot is really like…planning…” From minute 6.25, Emily discusses some other things that people may not be realizing to be important when starting out.

“So I really like those small priced- even seven to twenty-seven dollar trip wires on the Thank You page…”  From minute 7.38, Emily talks about using trip wires.

“A funnel that I really like to lay out for webinars is…” From minute 8.47, Emily explains a strategy behind Funnel Marketing, when building a list for webinars.

“Well, I like having, ideally, different options and different levels in your funnel…” From minute 10.12, Emily talks about how to figure out the math, when creating price points.

“Well, obviously I love Facebook ads, so that’s a big one, but looking at your funnel, like- looking at the numbers…” From minute 12.09, Emily discusses what you need to be looking at, apart from Facebook ads, when trying to scale your business.

“I see a lot of people try a funnel and it doesn’t work and they want to redo it all and it’s not necessarily the case at all…” From minute 13.47, Emily talks about little tweaks to improve your funnel.

“I think it’s a lack of nurturing…” From minute 14.37, Emily talks about the most common mistakes and problems she sees in the funnel side of things, after a successful Facebook ad.

“About five emails, after that I usually spread…  you have to make sure that you’re giving a lot of value in them.” From minute 16.43, Emily explains how to nurture your customers, without scaring them off and having them unsubscribe.

“I think, like if you can talk to your target audience, ask them what they want.” From minute 17.48, Emily explains how you can make sure you’re creating something that people actually want to opt into.

“I think the visual is huge like people don’t always even read all that copy that you write…”  From minute 20.56, Emily discusses the concept behind Facebook ads and which area within that to focus on first.

“I test both- I test with and without text…” From minute 23.02, Emily talks about how you can know whether or not to put your picture on your Facebook ad.

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