Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

On today’s show, Stacy talks about team building. She discusses something that she realized while attending a recent James Wedmore Mastermind, which was that she wanted to learn about team building even though she is an expert at it. Stacy mentions that this is way more common that you would think because when you get good at something, you just want to keep getting better and better at it.

Today, Stacy talks about her vast experience with the interviewing process and with hiring people for her business over the past fifteen years. She offers you a system to help you make that decision a clear one and gives some invaluable tips to help you get better at the hiring process. You will be certain to benefit from this show, as it’s a great fit for many levels and stages of business.  Listen in today and find out how you can expand your team with way less stress.


“So with the brick and mortar I typically post on Craig’s List…and with the online business, I typically post on Upwork…” From minute 3.38, Stacy explains where she advertises for employees for her brick and mortar business and for her separate online business.

“When you go and you post on one of these sites…” From minute 4.18, Stacy explains how to weed out people you don’t want by just using the subject line.

“I ask for three pieces of what I call ‘homework’ inside of the ad…” From minute 4.43, Stacy explains more of her ‘weeding out’ process.

“So I do this test, because I don’t even open up the email if the subject line is incorrect.” At minute 5.54, Stacy explains more about why she does the test.

“What position do you need to hire, that doesn’t need to have attention to detail?” From minute 6.05, Stacy talks about the importance of attention to detail, when hiring someone.

“What’s really cool too, is in Gmail…you can filter, based off of a few things.” From minute 7.23, Stacy talks about another way you can weed, using the subject line filter in mail servers.

“I will specifically say “attach”. I do not want it in the copy…” At minute 8.01, Stacy shares another way to set people apart, when they respond via an email.

“This is one that will help you figure out who are the people you at least want to bring in for an actual interview.”  At minute 8.48, Stacy shares a great tip to help you figure out who to interview.

“They’ll set up a phone number where it will just collect these voice messages.” At minute 9.19, Stacy explains about using a Google Voice Mail number to collect messages for you and the benefits of using this service.


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