Today’s guest is Maggie Patterson, a Communications Strategist and Chief Marketing Officer at Scoop Industries. Maggie, who has over fifteen years of experience, has spent her career working in Client Placing roles in Marketing and as a Copywriter and she’s been self-employed for the last eleven years, as a consultant. 

She is also co-host of Services, Sales, Success Podcast (formerly known as The Inside Scoop Podcast), a Master Level Content Marketer (as awarded by Copyblogger) and her work has been in many different places, such as Virgin.com and Fast Company.com.  Today, Maggie shares her experience and explains how she mentors business owners to scale their businesses in a smart way, that doesn’t kill them in the process.

On today’s show, Maggie and Stacy discuss some hot marketing strategies. Listen in and find out about what you should be focusing on in your business and learn how you can do way better by getting back to the basics and doing less.


“So I was one of those really entrepreneurial kids, always wanting to have a business…” From minute 0.57, Maggie shares her background story.

“So I co-own a marketing agency called Scoop Industries…” From minute 3.02, Maggie talks about what her business looks like today.

“There’s really two parts to this…” From minute 4.40, Maggie explains where you should be looking to find new clients.

“So one of the biggest things I see and this is that we don’t value what comes easily to us…” From minute 7.33, Maggie explains the basics that you need to have in place when trying to seal the deal when closing a booking with clients.

“So what I always tell people is – have three packages.” At minute 8.32, Maggie talks about whether there should be a maximum number of offerings that you have for your clients.

“Pricing tells a story.” From minute 10.33, Maggie gives some tips for appropriate pricing and packaging.

“So number one go-to resource is literally to cut your to-do list in half…” From minute 12.38, Maggie shares some of her favorite systems, strategies, and resources to move your business to a higher level.

“A lot of times we talk about boundaries with our clients…” From minute 15.51, Maggie shares some tips to take you above and beyond with customer service.

“Our team is fascinating.” From minute 19.14, Maggie talks about the team she works with.

To contact Maggie:

Maggies website: Scoop Industries

Maggie is co-host of the Services, Sales, Success Show (Formerly The Inside Scoop Podcast)

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