The guest on today’s show is Lindsay Padilla. Lindsay, who has two graduate degrees,  used to work as a University Professor and is now an online Teaching and Learning Consultant. Last April, Lindsay was at lunch with some big influencers, after attending Todd Herman’s Ninety Day Year. 

She was helping one of them with an upcoming launch and the person was so impressed with what Lindsay had to offer that she wanted to know why she wasn’t teaching this to other people. This made so much sense to Lindsay and she realized then that she actually had many things to offer to people that could really benefit them, as entrepreneurs. 

On today’s show, Lindsay talks to Stacy about her online business and she also shares some incredibly simple, yet effective ways that you can attract more people, streamline your content, find your niche and really stand out, with online coaching. Listen in today and discover more ways to keep your business growing.


“You know, I’ve been in academia for at least like thirty years…” From minute 1.15, Lindsay talks about how got to where she is today.

“And so that common thinking of how do I translate my face to face course into an online course is actually pretty much what I help entrepreneurs do all the time.” At minute 4.07, Lindsay talks about her current business and what she does.

“You never know what connection you meet- that would trigger off the next idea…” At minute 4.58, Lindsay talks about the importance of being open, networking and going to events, to growing your business.

“To get started, it’s a really good way to like get testimonies from people and just get the vibe of what it’s like to work with someone one on one.” From minute 7.10, Lindsay talks about the value of bartering or swapping services with others, when starting out in your business.

“If you find yourself in a niche, or something that you’re realizing doesn’t have a lot of people or a niche that does, you have to stand for something.” At minute 9.03, Lindsay explains how you can make yourself stand out from other people.

“I’m good on camera and I think it has to do with me teaching a little bit…” From minute 12.59, Lindsay talks about her personal strengths and what makes her business unique and special.

“You know, I actually started to go to live events that aren’t necessarily in the little bubble…” From minute 14.29, Lindsay talks about live events- her favorite ones and how many she goes to each year.

“I have my first full-time employee and I essentially cloned myself…” From minute 18.46, Lindsay talks about delegating things to other people.

“So I tend to actually get people who are academics…” from minute 24.06, Lindsay talks about the type of people she attracts to work with.

“There’s too much content…” From minute 24.28, Lindsay talks about some common mistakes she sees with course creation and what can be done to fix them.

“Make sure you have transcripts… get all your videos transcribed.” From minute 28.41, Lindsay explains some small things that you could do, to really benefit your business.

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