Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

If you’re considering signing up for an online course, or Mastermind, but you’re wondering if it will be worth the money, or if your husband just doesn’t see the value in it and that’s holding you back, you will really benefit from today’s show. Listen in as Stacy dives deeper into the things that you, as an entrepreneur, really need to talk to your husband about, when it comes to investing in online courses.

Stacy wants to help you to figure out how you can make it work and how you can get it through to him that these courses really are a great investment. Join her today, as she urges you to talk to your husband and explain things in a way that he can get it and find out how you can get yourself out there, do what you do best and start sharing your talents with the world.


“First, I want you to understand that this is your education you’re talking about, right?” At minute 1.18, Stacy puts this kind of investment into perspective.

“This year alone, between those two things, I spent like about $56 000 on those two…”  From minute 2.18, Stacy explains how much she will bring in, due to having invested that money.

“I’m saying that it brought in $20 000 into my business, because of one strategy that I used there.” From minute 3.12, Stacy explains that it’s not about how much it costs, but about how much it will make for you.

“There is so much more money that I’m putting into my personal development…”  From minute 3.49, Stacy explains how much she spends on live events and why it’s so well worth it.

“I have grown up in a family business and because of that, when I talk about anything about my business, my family gets it.” At minute 4.55, Stacy talks about the advantage of having your family’s support when you have a business.

“I also married an extremely supportive husband…” From minute 5.24, Stacy explains that her husband trusts her, even if he doesn’t understand the specifics of what she’s doing and the huge advantage of that for her.

“And then you might have somebody who doesn’t get it and they’re going ‘you’re nuts for doing this.’”  From minute 6.08, Stacy explains that she wants you to figure out how you’re going to make this better and not to just give up.

“So I purchased an online course for $997 from an online expert. I used the strategy that was sold in that product and my launch that I did, using this strategy, brought in $60 000.”  At minute 6.40, Stacy gives an example of something that her husband understood.

“So start to educate your husband on things like that.” At minute 7.08, Stacy explains more about how you can go about educating your husband about the value of investing in online courses.

“I want you to know that your wife is out there doing what she does best and doing what she loves…” From minute 8.05, Stacy explains to husbands how much their support means to their wives.

“Confidence is huge- it’s make or break in this space…” At minute 8.27, Stacy talks to husbands about the importance of their wives being confident with what they do.

“People are making millions of dollars online every single day…” At minute 9.01, Stacy explains how online products, although often intangible, make a huge difference in people’s lives.

“If you have the funds to do this on your own, do you need their support? Can you go through with it anyway?” At minute 9.55, Stacy talks about the amazing groups you can join to get support, inspiration, and motivation from other female entrepreneurs.


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