If you're considering hosting your own podcast and you'd like to get some expert advice on how to go about doing that, you're really going to love today's show!

Stacy's guest is Jessica Rhodes, the CEO of Interview Connections, which is the premier agency for podcasters, guest experts and for booking them on other podcasts. Jessica is also the acclaimed author of the book Interview Connections: Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic. She has a few of her own podcasts too- Rhodes To Success, The Podcast Producers, and The Parenting Rhodes. Listen in today and find out how to produce a winning podcast, from someone who really knows both sides of the mic.


“I actually started my business because I wanted to be a stay at home mom…” From minute 0.52, Jessica explains how she got started, with her podcasting empire.

“If I am going to be speaking at these conferences, I need to host my own show…” From minute 2.44, Jessica talks about what motivated her to start her own podcast.

“The first show was The Rhodes To Success, my weekly podcast…” From minute 3.05, Jessica talks about how she went from having one show to having three shows.

“I typically recommend starting as a guest expert, because it's easier…” From minute 4.34, Jessica, who is all about both sides of the mic, gives advice to newbies about where to start.

“I always recommend outsourcing it…” From minute 7.24, Jessica talks to entrepreneurs about the most efficient way to use your time when producing your podcast.

“I think it's all about providing a ton of value and not holding back.” From minute 8.40, Jessica explains how to really come across as the expert, on your own show, or on someone else's.

“I really believe in… always having an abundance mindset.” From minute 11.20, Jessica talks about how to deal with any fears you may have about there not being enough room for both you and your guest expert on your show.

“You can monetize it in a couple of different ways…” From minute 14.37, Jessica advises you about how you can best monetize your podcast.

“You could go the route of actually working with an advertising agency…” From minute 18.37, Jessica talks about how you can reach out to a podcaster that you would like to sponsor.

“I always say that the listeners are kind of the bonus…  for me, the primary value of this interview is the time I'm spending with you…” From minute 22.30, Jessica talks about how you can extract the most value from being interviewed on someone's podcast.

To contact Jessica: Jessica Rhodes

Jessica recommends books by Dan Kennedy.

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