Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

If you’re looking for the easiest ways to make money online, you will gain a lot from listening to today’s show, as Stacy explains why it’s really okay to do something that works, even though someone else has done it before.

Today, Stacy mentions that when something is easy, everybody does it, so she gets excited when things seem confusing, as then, there are usually a limited amount of people doing it. She explains that what she does in that case, is to pay an expert to explain how to figure it out and how to do it properly. Sometimes, however, she does take the easy road, as that ‘s what people are looking for. Listen in today and find out from Stacy what she means, when she talks about the easy ways.


“How can I really put something out there…” From minute 3.09, Stacy talks about a problem that she and her team faced during a recent Mastermind.

“So what my team and I decided…” From minute 3.25, Stacy explains how she and her team decided to overcome their problem.

“Why do we both have a one day workshop?” From minute 3.35, Stacy explains why it’s common practice for people to choose to do the same things, with the same topic and even the same price point.

“The reason I’m bringing this story up…” At minute 4.22, Stacy explains why you shouldn’t hold yourself back, just because somebody else has done the same thing that you intend to do.

“Let’s talk about what are…” From minute 5.16, Stacy talks about common practices,  to make money online.

“What do those freebies look like?” At minute 5.26, Stacy explains about freebies, what they look like and why people use them.

“In one of my Group Coaching…” At minute 6.01, Stacy explains why she encourages you to copy things that work.

“Put your own twist on it…” At minute 6.29. Stacy explains why and how you should put your unique stamp onto something that you copy from someone.

“So there’s nothing wrong…” At minute 7.43, Stacy explains why there’s nothing wrong with going after something that people are already doing.

“We go through these stages…” At minute 8.20, Stacy discusses current trends.

“When you see a trend happening…” From minute 8.43, Stacy explains why she encourages you to jump on a trend sooner rather than later.

“There will be a time…” At minute 9.52, Stacy explains that people get tired of things at a certain point and won’t continue to do them, so she cautions you to not wait so long that you miss an opportunity.

“You need to jump in now.:” From minute 10.41, Stacy explains why you should still jump onto Facebook Live now.

“I actually want you…” From minute 11.36, Stacy explains why you really should look at what others are doing and why you will still create something that is uniquely your own, after that.

“Definitely check out my free webinar…” From minute 12.44, Stacy explains why you should look at her free webinar- 7 Core Pillars of a Highly Profitable Business.

Link for Stacy’s free webinar: Her Webinar

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