Stacy recorded this show in Mexico, while away on her first vacation in about five years. Initially, she thought that the vacation would be a waste of money, as she’s been away to tons of conferences recently and she thought that the money could be better used in many other ways, both in her business and at home. She was also under the impression that she didn’t really need a break at this time. Listen in and find out how Stacy came to realize that this vacation was really necessary for both herself and her husband.

Stacy points out that there is a big difference between going away to a conference, where you’ll end up spending all day in over cooled conference rooms, and taking a real vacation with your partner. Listen in today, as she shares some of the valuable things that she learned while she was away.


Some highlights include:

  • “Just because I don’t think I need a break…” At minute 4.49, Stacy explains that she came to realize that although she didn’t think she needed a break,  her husband, who works in a typical ‘nine to five’ situation, certainly did.
  • “Just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need it!” At minute 5.39, Stacy points out the necessity of taking your partner’s needs into account, when deciding whether or not to take a break.
  • “Also, we needed it together…we make sure that we take a date night once a week.” At minute 5.42, Stacy explains the importance of taking some quality time out, sans kids, to spend with your partner.
  • “I didn’t realize that I did need some sort of a break.” At minute 6.15, Stacy talks about how she came to realize that she had not exited out of ‘launch mode’ after her launch was over and she continued working around the clock, often trying to squeeze in as much work as she could before her kids woke up.
  • “I was able to kind of re-prioritise, and because of that, it really gave me the break that I needed, that I didn’t even know that I was missing.” At minute 7.00, Stacy explains how she benefited from a break that she didn’t even realize that she needed.
  • “Here’s what I was able to do-” From minute 7.11, Stacy explains how her plans to read the book Profit First changed and she ended up walking and thinking a lot, resulting in her listening to a book with her Audible App, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod- and taking the opportunity to practice what she learned from it for a whole week.
  • “So here’s kind of what I did and I want you to see this.” From minute 8.31, Stacy shares some of the things that she gained, from her daily practices from The Miracle Morning. 
  • “I used the Muse Headband.” At minute 9.05, Stacy explains how using the Muse Headband really helps her to meditate.
  • “Here are some tips that he gave me that are really useful-” At minute 10.04, Stacy shares some really helpful morning tips from the Muse Headband meditations.
  • “And then a couple of the other things he tells you to do are affirmations..” From minute 11.53, Stacy explains how you can really benefit from doing regular affirmations.
  • “Do some envisioning- something you want to happen.” At minute 12.36, Stacy talks about her use of a Vision Board.
  • “Another thing he said was ‘exercise’.” From minute 15.31, Stacy talks about how much she has benefited from doing ten minutes of Yoga each morning.
  • “Journaling and really expressing your gratitude every morning in a journal.” At minute 16.56 Stacy talks about being really specific, without being repetitive, when expressing your gratitude every morning, in a journal.

Stacy’s recommended resources:

Application: Audible (For listening to books)

Books: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

           The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Stacy bought this Muse Headband


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