If you’re having some difficulty understanding the difference between your real value and the price that you’re charging, you will really gain a lot from today’s show. Stacy’s guest, Bob Burg, is a best-selling author and a speaker. He has written a number of books on sales, marketing and influence and today he explains the importance of knowing this, as well as giving you a lot of other, really valuable advice. Listen in today, to what Bob has to tell you about knowing your true value and also about giving value to others.

Bob’s total book sales have already reached over a million, with the book The Go Giver having been particularly successful. Stacy says that even if you take away only one golden nugget from Bob on today’s show, it’s going to really be worth listening to, so tune in now, to hear what Bob has for you.


“Sometimes, with entrepreneurs, there’s a tendency to under value yourself.” From minute 1:45, Bob talks about price and value and why it’s so important to understand the difference between the two.

“The basic premise of The Go Giver is simply shifting your focus from getting to giving.” From minute 2:12, Bob talks about shifting your focus from getting to giving.

“We should absolutely trying to please others, and as a result, we profit.” At minute 2:47, Bob explains how pleasing others ties into our human nature, as well as into pre-market economics, so we will naturally profit, as a result.

“Let’s talk about the difference between price and value, because understanding it is what allows us to charge what we should be charging. From minute 3:16, Bob explains about charging what you should be charging and feeling great about it.

Price is finite, but value can be both concrete, in terms of that $5000 saving, but it can also be conceptual, in terms of the peace of mind that she’s providing.” At minute 5:27, Bob explains the difference between price and value, as in the example that he used.

“ In a free market exchange, the main characteristic of such an exchange is that both parties, the buyer and the seller, come away from the transaction better off.” From minute 6:17, Bob explains the basics of The Law of Value.

“When you sell on high value, you’re a resource.” At minute 6.59, Bob explains about selling on high value.

“Sometimes it’s so great to work with a coach.” From minute 7:59, Bob explains about the value of working with a coach.

“Someone gave me some advice that changed the whole way I did business.” From minute 9:20, Bob talks about the advice that changed the way he did business.

“So many people think that selling is about trying to convince someone to buy something they don’t want or need.” From minute 11:48, Bob talks about common misconceptions about selling and sets things straight with the truth about it.

“In other words, it’s the lack of emotional attachment.” From minute 13:45, Bob explains about emotional posture.

“Asking if something will make money, like you said, is a great question, it’s just a bad first question.” From minute 19:08, Bob explains why asking if something will make money is a bad question to ask first.

“If it will serve, the money will be a result.” At minute 21.03, Bob talks about serving as a priority.

“We always have to realize that we operate unconsciously, based on our own unconscious beliefs.” From minute 22:20, Bob talks about our unconscious beliefs and how they can affect our views about others.

“If it’s a matter of an actual coach that we’re hiring…” From minute 23:30, Bob and Stacy explain what you should look for in a coach.


Bob’s website: www.thegogiver.com

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