Although my signature program is called “The Profit Mastermind”, business is not all about profits, is it?
Well, I know that as responsible and impact-making entrepreneurs, we’re in business to make money so we can bring about a positive change in the world – all while living a deeply fulfilling life ourselves.
But restraining our thought and goal-setting process to just money is a grave injustice to our dreams, desires and God-gifted abilities to help others.

So when it comes to packaging up your ideas into one fine offer and putting it out in the world (a.k.a. launching), you shouldn’t keep your focus ONLY on SALES.

Because the more concerned you are about your numbers (instead of the overall impact you are making), the more those numbers will evade you…to the point that it almost becomes a never-ending episode of “hide & seek.”
When your sole motivation is your rising or declining numbers, you will act from a place of scarcity during your launch instead of a place of abundance, and that creates a no-win situation for you and your audience.

For a successful launch, you need to have the mindset of a leader. One that:

  • Radiates your true energy out in the world in a confident way
  • Knows that sales numbers have nothing to do with your value or worth
  • Enables you to share your very best with the world even when you don’t feel like it
  • Lets you claim your brilliance and encourages you to stay on track to make your mark in the world

Once you’re mentally prepared to slay your fears as they emerge, willing to look beyond numbers and gauge the real impact of your launch, and have a buddy by your side cheering on you as you move forward, sales numbers automatically fall into place.  

  1. Take a moment and look deep inside of you. List down all the fears that are possibly holding you back from having a successful launch.  
  2. What will make you feel abundant during your launch? Apart from the sales numbers, set tangible goals for yourself and savor the moments when you achieve them (e.g. Increased list size, social proof, appreciation, engagement and activity, impact made, etc.)
  3. Launches don’t have to be an uphill battle. Who is the one person you want by your side during your launch to keep you accountable and celebrate your wins no matter how small they are? 


  1. Answer the questions above. 
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Listen up, I’m going to show you how you can launch in 90 days but I can’t force you to achieve spectacular results, so I need you to step up and do the work.

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