Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

While being an entrepreneur you can let your imagination run as wild as you want, but when it comes to launching…there’s no place for assumptions.
However, that’s the mistake 90% of the entrepreneurs make, which leads only to sheer disappointment, fatigue, and failure.
Stepping out of your comfort zone and cultivating growth mindset is crucial to the success of your launch (and your business). However, you cannot expect to hit your goals just by visualizing and meditating about it.
Today is Day 5 of the “Launched in 90 Days” Challenge, now so far we have talked about everything from your launch vision and mindset to finding your perfect person and launching your offer like a pro (by choosing one of the proven launch models).
Today I want you to take a step back from planning your launch and see what costly mistakes other entrepreneurs are making + how these mistakes are affecting their launches (in a bad way).

  1. UNREALISTIC SALES PROJECTIONS – Unrealistic Goals = Setting yourself up for failure. Launching your offer to a list of 100 and expecting to make $100K is wishful thinking that only leads you to an abyss of disappointment.I am in no way saying that it’s not possible to have a profitable launch with a small list, but it’s important to have enough quality leads to convert at a good percentage. 
  2. THE 6-FIGURE ILLUSION – The online 6-figure launch race is contagious and so many good and hard-working entrepreneurs fall prey to it even before they take off. You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run and then fly.To make 100K in 90-Days is not mission impossible but it shouldn’t be your only mission. You may need to have smaller launches to boost your Know, Like & Trust Factor and build up towards a mega-launch. 
  3. OVERCONFIDENCE – Being confident in your abilities is one thing, but neglecting super important aspects of your launch is simply overconfidence. You can’t expect to be a know-it-all, do-it-all kind of person and have a lucrative launch.Get out of your head and go out there to really listen to your dream clients and their needs so buying your offer becomes a no-brainer when you share it with them. Also, look for a support system that’s there for you every step of the way (from pre-launch to post-launch) to keep you from falling off the wagon or feeling uninspired.


  1. What are you going to do to avoid these costly launch mistakes? 
  2. Would you be willing to invest your time and money in a system that will help you avoid all of these mistakes with a step-by-step launch process? 
  3. What’s the importance of having sheer accountability for YOU during your launch?


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